Saturday, August 8, 2009

relationships probz

alot of people wonder why love is so difficult , why its so hard to understand , & why is it so hurtfull.
Well love isnt easy at all just like my ex told me in a letter love isnt easy , its not easy finding , & its not easy keeping. If youy think about its the hardest thing you can find in life becuase its alot of steps to get to LOVE , you have to find that right person who makes you feel good inside , a person who you know you can be safe with , a person who cares , trust , & believe in the 2 of you , you have to have that connection with that some body , you cant just gain it in 1 day or 2 not even a month or 2.
Love comes with hurt, gelt, cheating everything you name it comes with , when you've been in a relationship say about or 7 months & the person your with you love that person so much but that person dosn't wanna be with you or wants to take a break .
What is that telling you ? that your partner is either seeing someone else or dosn't want to be with you for idk what reason. This is were hurt falls into place , you feel so hurt but at the same time you just want that person back so therefore you either you get with another person to cover up the hurt & the pain knowing you dont want to be with that person you just want the 1 your used to.
It takes a lot to get alot it takes a little to get a little even if you didnt do anything but in the long run who are you hurting ? your hurting yourself becuase for 1 you really dont need anyone in your life or love some one at that just please your thoughts or heart , for 2 you don't need to be with some one who dosnt want you and 3 when your with a person who you dont wanna be with dont get with them because all your doing is leading them on to a broken heart the same place that your stuck in. Do you think thats right ?